Section 5: Activities

List of Activities that should happen in a camping week. (Activities may vary depending on camp)

  1. Sunday Night Campfire Ceremony
  2. Candidate Induction after Sunday Night Campfire (Camp administering Firecrafter rank)
  3. Fire by Friction Contest During the Week (Optional)
  4. Firecrafter Service Projects During the Week (Camps administering Camper, Woodsman, and Firecrafter)
  5. Campfire Grading (Camps administering Firecrafter)
  6. Assisting with Fire by Friction (Camps administering Firecrafter)
  7. Firecrafter Tunnels before Campfires (Optional)
  8. Friday Night Campfire Recognition Ceremony
  9. Spark of Interest Trail (Camps administering Firelight)

It is expected that each Firecrafter should try to give back to Firecrafter more than it has given him.  Assistance is always needed in grading campfires and in Fire by Friction guidance.  The Fire should also have a summer long service plan for Firecrafters and candidates to work on.

Firecrafter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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