Firecrafter Crossover Ceremony

(Materials: Drum, 3 Firecrafters in Fire Shirts, one Drummer, Bridge) 

ARRANGEMENT:  Ceremony begins with a continued drumbeat from off stage.  The beat should start slow and then speed up with one final loud beat.  During the drumbeat, three Firecrafters in fire shirts enter from the back of the room.  When they reach the front of the room they stand in Firecrafter stance in front of the audience.  They should be staggered and not in a strait line.   (If outside, a fire can be used and each Firecrafter adds a small stick to the fire upon entering before they take Firecrafter stance.)

CHIEF: May your tongues be silent, your minds attentive, and your hearts attuned.  Scouts, Scouters, Friends, and Family, bear witness to this, the crossover from Cub to Scout.  I am the mighty Chief of the fire, who has hiked the hill of three flames and pledged to the test of my fellow man.  I have come today to seek those who are ready to take the leap from one journey to the next.   I have been told there are some among us who are prepared now to begin their climb up Scouting’s rigorous but rewarding trail.

FRIEND: My brothers, when your name is called, please rise and I will escort you to your place before the Chief.

(Each name of the Cub Scouts crossing over is read from the back of the room with a drumbeat in between each name.  Those boys crossing over are lead to the front of room and placed in a strait line facing the audience.)

FRIEND: You have come a long way to reach this destination.  But know that your climb has only begun.  I encourage you to lean on each other and know that the friendships you make through Scouting will guide you to ultimate fulfillment.  Before now, you have relied on your leaders and parents to guide you through your Scouting quest, but now it is time for you to take on the responsibility yourself.  Heed the words you hear today and know that this journey will be one you will never forget.

SERVANT: Since your success thus far has been guided by the service of others, it is only fitting that they join you today as well.  Would the parents of these young men, join them now to show support of the great endeavor they are about to endure.

(Pause for parents to stand behind each boy)

SERVANT: You come to find that giving unselfish service to others will build in you better character.  I encourage you to never hesitate to give a lending hand to those around you just as your leaders and family have given to you.

CHIEF: I think that it is only fitting, that before you take that final step into Scouting that I leave you with this final thought.  Leadership is one of the most important qualities that you can ascribe to as Scout.  Scouting is led by the boys and it is an opportunity for you to step up and build your inner spirit to reach your greatest potential.  The most essential components of leadership include being a friend to all, serving unselfishly, leading by example, and foremost, doing your personal best.

FRIEND: It is now time for you to receive your recognition.  Today you are bestowed upon the highest recognition a Cub can earn.  That of the Arrow of Light.  The badge is symbolic in all that you have worked towards.

The sun is shedding its light on all that we do.  A reminder that you should be a light for those around you.

The seven rays of the sun represent the seven days of the week.  A reminder that you should do your best every day!

The arrow is symbolic of everything that is straight and true, just as you should be straight and true in your lives.

SERVANT:  We challenge each of you to follow where the Arrow of Light points – forward on the trail of the Boy Scout ranks and upward to higher challenges – to soar with the eagles!  Wear it always with honor and pride.

CHIEF: Parents bestow upon your Scouts this recognition and prepare to allow your Scouts to cross the bridge into the realm of Boy Scouting.

CHIEF: As Cub Scouts you have traveled long and hard on the Cub Scout trail.  You have learned the ways of Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelo.  You have met many new friends, learned many new skills, and lived up to the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.  You are now ready to cross the bridge into the adventure of Boy Scouting.

FRIEND: When your name is called, come to the Chief who will remove your Cub Scout colors and send you across the bridge to begin a new adventure in Scouting.

(Each name of the Cub Scouts crossing over is read from the back of the room with a drumbeat in between each name.  Before they cross the bridge the Chief will whisper “Remember to always do your best!” and then the boy will cross.

CHIEF: We welcome our new Boy Scout brothers.  Our duty here is done. (the drumbeat sounds and members exit.)

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