Section 10: Overnighter

Requirement # 6 on the Firecrafter requirement card requires candidates to go on an overnight campout.  The requirement entails a written part and an action part.  It is the Fire Vice-chief’s responsibility to inform the candidates of the day and time of the campout, as well as lead them out to the campsite, and bring them back from the campsite.

It is usually best to have the overnighter later in the week on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  The time to meet should be set so that the candidates can have all campfires done for that night.  10:00 PM is usually best for a meeting time.  Once a day and time is established, it should be kept consistent throughout the summer as not to interfere with other programs.  All candidates should complete the overnighter as a group, so it is imperative that the Vice-chief informs all the candidates of the day and time.  The best place for an overnight campout is a clearing that is out-of-the-way and somewhat hidden.  This is not imperative, but it adds to the mystery of the Firecrafter candidacy for those looking on.

The Firecrafter Requirement Card tells the candidates what to bring.  Before heading to the overnight spot, paper work should be collected.  This allows the Vice-chief to review the paperwork overnight.  While at the overnight campsite, the candidates are to construct a shelter from ground cloths, ropes, and stakes.  The candidates are required to sleep in the shelter overnight.  In the morning, the Vice-chief should return with some food items for the candidates to cook for breakfast.  The candidates should gather together, make a fire, and cook their breakfast in fellowship.  Following this the candidates should strike camp.  The candidates should make the site look as though they never camped there.  After the candidates have done all this and after the Vice-chief is satisfied with the candidate’s paperwork, the card should be signed, and the candidates released.

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