Section 2: Duties of Fire Officers

The following applies to Boy Scout and Cub Scout programs


  1. Presides at all meetings of the Fire and Fire Executive Committee
  2. Administers all levels of the Firecrafter program in camp
  3. Is directly responsible to the camp director
  4. Directs the operation of the other officers
  5. Calls meetings of the Fire when needed (Recommended once a week, may not be necessary for Cub Scout Camps)
  6. Calls meetings of the Fire Executive Committee when needed


  1. Acts in the Chief’s place during the Chief’s absence
  2. Oversees the administration of the ranks of Firecrafter in camp (Other individuals may be assigned or hired to administer)
  3. Meets with the other officers before staff week to review the administration of the Firecrafter Rank
  4. Meets with the candidates Sunday night and coordinates induction ceremony
  5. Assigns graders to candidate campfires
  6. Keeps Fire informed on the requirements for all camp ranks
  7. Speak at Unit Leader’s meeting (if possible, may not be option in all camps)
  8. Hold daily meetings for the Firecrafter candidates
  9. Hold special meeting to explain campfire expectations grading
  10. Guide candidates in Fire by Friction
  11. Collect all candidate cards and summary sheets at end of camp week


  1. Keeps records of Firecrafter Candidates
  2. Keeps records of all levels of Firecrafter program in camp (Must provide the following information for all Scouts who complete Camper, Woodsman, and Firecrafter: Name, Unit, District, Rank attained)
  3. Keeps minutes of all meetings
  4. Maintains an inventory of all Firecrafter materials
  5. Orders Firecrafter supplies through the Treasurer of the Firecrafter Council
  6. Keeps records of all receipts and expenditures by the Fire


  1. Attends and provides guidance at all meetings of the Fire, the Executive Committee, and Minisinos
  2. If necessary, removes any officer of the Fire from office
  3. Nominates key staff members for membership in Firecrafter
  4. Imposes a veto in such situations as they deems advisable

Firecrafter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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