The Webelos Camper rank is earned by first year Webelos and can be earned at Cub Scout Day Camp or Webelos Adventure Camp.  The badge can only be earned at summer camp and not throughout the year.

Rank Requirements

  1. Understand and Demonstrate the high ideals of Firecrafter.
  2. Choose ONE of the following and tie:
    1. Square knot
    2. Bowline
    3. Clove Hitch
  3. Participate in making a fire.
  4. Go on a Nature Hike.
  5. Participate in a campfire program.
  6. Participate in a service project.
  7. Understand the requirements for Webelos Firelight.
  8. Understand Reach, Throw, Row, Go.
  9. Introduce yourself to someone that you do not know.( With Guardian Approval)

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