Firecrafter is the third and highest rank of Firecrafter.  One may only be able to attain Firecrafter at a long-term Scouts BSA summer camp and must have completed Camper and Woodsman.  A candidate for Firecrafter must also at the time of the ritual be at least 13 years old or have been an active registered Scout for at least two (2) years, be no more than 20 years old, and be a First Class Scout. Firecrafter is considered to be significantly more challenging then Camper and Woodsman and require much preparation. (see How to Prepare For Your Firecrafter Candidacy)

Rank Requirements

1. Understand and demonstrate the principles and high standards of Firecrafter in personal attitude and example. Showing respect for your fellow campers and your environment. Discuss the ideals of Scouting and Firecrafter with your unit leader.

2. Complete a daily uniform and tent inspection

3. Read the history of Firecrafter and tell when, where, and by whom Firecrafter was founded.

4. Complete leadership responsibilities in camp by assisting Scouts to advance in your troop or in a program area of camp for at least one hour.

5. Build a fire-by-friction set, unassisted, using a set made by the candidate while in camp of natural materials (except thong), and keep the fire burning for 15 minutes.

6. Complete all the tasks listed.

A. Write out the following on paper and explain fully, in complete sentences, using your scout handbook as a guide

• Checklist of personal and patrol gear needed for a typical overnight campout.

• A backpacking menu including two breakfast, three lunches, and two dinners.

• How to construct a latrine for yourself.

• How to properly pack a backpack.

• How to protect your camp, including food and gear, from animals, insects, and wet or bad weather.

• How to protect yourself against any type of weather if caught on a trail with only a pocketknife.

• The proper way to dispose of garbage and rubbish in the wilderness.

B. Complete the following as directed by the Firecrafter Vice-Chief: 

• Go on an overnight campout.

• Bring a backpack which includes the following: sleeping bag, flashlight, completed paper work from section A, fire building materials, and any other necessary items for an overnight campout.

• Construct a proper shelter using ground clothes, ropes, and stakes.

• Sleep in the shelter, using a comfortable ground bed.

• While on this campout, cook a meal over a fire using materials provided by the consul.

• Strike camp and properly clean your assigned area.

7. Make a useful camp equipment using square, diagonal, and sheer lashings.

8. Demonstrate one of the following: eye splice, a back splice, or a short splice.

9. Swimming:

   A. Explain the Safe Swim Defense Plan.

   B. Explain water rescue procedures and methods.

   C. Demonstrate a reach and throw rescue.

   D. Swim 100 yards.

10. Identify, by sight or sign, 10 wild animals, 10 trees, and 10 plants.

11. Plan, prepare, and conduct a campfire program (or suitable substitute approved by the fire) that demonstrates leadership.

12. Do three hours of service above what is normally expected.

13. Complete successfully the inspections review and Unknown Test of the Firecrafter Ritual.

Upon completion of the first 12 requirements, candidates will receive a ritual invitation. Requirement 13 can only be done at the ritual. It cannot be completed during a week at camp.

Firecrafter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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