Minisino is a Miami Indian word that means Tried and Proven. A candidate is put on trial for two camping weeks to prove to himself and the entire Scouting movement his outstanding Friendship, Leadership, and Service. The requirements to Minisino are known only to Minisino and Minisino Candidates.

A youth becomes eligible once he has been a Firecrafter for two winter seasons. He must also be at least a Star Scout, no more that 20 years of age, active in year round Firecrafter activities, and active in his ember. He must also be nominated by a Firecrafter and voted upon by a committee.

An adult is eligible once he or she has been a Firecrafter for four winter seasons. They must also be a current dues paid member, participate in at least four rituals, and be an outstanding friend, leader, and servant in the Firecrafter program.

Firecrafter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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