Forms and nominations

nomination forms

Adult Firecrafter Nomination Form (Due April 1st)
Adult Minisino Nomination Form (Due April 1st)
Youth Minisino Nomination Form (Due April 1st)

Application Forms

Firecrafter Ritual Candidate Scholarship (Scholarship to assist new candidates to pay for the ritual experience)
Scott Clabaugh Firecrafter Scholarship Application (College Scholarship for students seeking to become a professional Scouter)

Camp Forms

Camp Advancement Record (PDF Version)
Camp Advancement Record (DOCX Version)

Ember/Flame Forms

Ember Charter Template with budget (Excel Version)

Lone Troop Application Form

Lone Troop Google Form

(Due April 1st)

Membership Dues

Dues are paid online through this membership database.  Please sign in. 

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