Section 4: Election and Training of Fire Members


Before camp begins a meeting of all staff Firecrafters is held to elect Fire officers.  After the election, the new officers are to meet together to discuss how each will carry out thier duties.  This manual should be gone over at the meeting of the three officers.  A second meeting of all Firecrafters should be held before camp starts to review all policies for all Firecrafters.


This meeting should be held before camp starts.  The election should have been held several days prior to this meeting to give the new officers time to prepare this training session.  The training session is administered by the new officers to all staff Firecrafters.  The training should cover all issues dealing with Firecrafter at summer camp including:
  1. Introduction of Officers
  2. Rank Administration
  3. Campfire Grading Criteria
  4. Fire by Friction Policies
  5. The Overnighter
  6. Uniform
  7. Ceremonies (days and times)
  8. Expectations for all Firecrafters
  9. Questions from Firecrafters
  10. Anything else the Officers feel needs to be addressed

Firecrafter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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