Section 3: Rank Administration

The only persons who may sign any Webelos-Camper, Firelight, Camper, Woodsman, or Firecrafter card are Unit Leaders and Firecrafters.  Summer camp Area-directors who are not Firecrafters may also sign off requirements but only if the requirement involves skills associated with that area.  Only Area-directors have this privilege.  The staff working in these areas, who are not directors, may not sign off requirements unless they are a Firecrafter.  Requirement #1 on any card may only be signed off by the scout’s unit leader in camp that week.

All requirements must be completed as specifically written.  If the requirement says, “demonstrate”, the candidate must physically demonstrate the requirement.  If the requirement says “list”, a written list must be prepared.

With respect to Fire by Friction, you may not help apply pressure, pump the bow, or “warm” the set for the candidate.  You may help stable the board, build the spark once obtained by the candidate, and gather some wood.

With respect to campfire preparation, you may help the candidate collect wood, but only the candidate may build the fire.  You may make program suggestions, but you may not plan any aspect of the program for the candidate.

As seen above, there are limits to the help that may be given to a candidate.  The candidate must complete all requirements on their own.  You may give advice and encouragement, BUT THEY MUST DO IT THEMSELVES.

Candidates must complete all requirements in a long-term summer camp with a chartered Fire.  The requirements must all be completed in one continuous week of camp.  The candidate may not continue with the same card another week or summer.  If the card in not completed at the end of the continuous camping week, it is no longer valid and the candidate must start over to candidate again.  Special circumstances, such as injury during candidacy, may warrant an extension some time later that summer, but not any future summer.  The Fire Executive Committee grants extensions only.

In special circumstances when a candidate is in someway incapacitated or physically unable to complete certain requirements, the Fire Executive Committee may issue alternate requirements if they deem it necessary.  In all such cases, the Fire Executive Committee must be consulted.

If there are any questions or help needed, contact the Council Vice-chief or Council Chief as soon as possible.

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