History of Firecrafter Alumni Presidents

Eric Wadliegh

The presence of adults in Firecrafter did not arise alone from the admission of adults as honorary members, but arose also from the fact that scouts who became Firecrafters also became adults within a very few years. For a time, such adults had no role to play in the organization. They could not go to camp. They could not work with the program there. The most they could do was to become life members of their Fire, which they had always been able to do, even as scouts, upon payment of a fee (originally ten dollars). In the late 50's, Bob Harger and Eric Wadleigh became concerned about this problem, and under their leadership the Firecrafter Alumni Association was formed at the 40th Anniversary Firecrafter Reunion in 1960. Into it were inducted all of the adults who were members of the Fire. Henceforth, all adult "honoraries," and all youth Firecrafters upon reaching the age of 21, automatically became members of the Firecrafter Alumni Association. Lew Johnson wrote and established the adult candidate program which would replace the honorary Firecrafter program operated by the Fires. To this day the Firecrafters nominate and elect an Alumni President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

List of Presidents by Year

1960-66 - Eric Wadliegh
1967-68 - Maurice L. Riser
1968-70 - David J. Krentler
1970-71 - John L. (Jack) Wyatt
1972-73 - David J. Krentler
1973-75 - Everett Smith
1976-77 - Al Freige
1977-79 - Steven Holt
1979-80 - Mike Stump

1980-81 - George Brandli

1981-84 - Mike Stalcup

1984-85 - Jim Jimerson
1985-87 - Dave Reason
1987-89 - Dan Francis
1989-91 - Mike Timmons
1991-95 - David Koss
1995-96 - Gary Jones
1996-99 - Bill Taylor

1999-01 - Kyle Shanholtzer
2001-02 - Chuck Sparks

2002-04 - Ken Benson

2004-05 - Matt Dillon
2005-07 - Dick Dhondt
2007-09 - Joe Ward
2009-11 - Mark Allen
2011-13 - Randy Dresslar
2013-15 - Ryan Dillon 
2015-16 - Dale Dietz
2016-19 - Jeff Cox
2020-23 - Denise Purdie-Andrews

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