History of Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

In 2005, under the youth leadership of John Pinkus and advisor Walter Sullivan, Firecrafter introduced a fall event called Firecrafter Fall Frenzy. The event was created to give Firecrafters a chance to test their Scouting and Firecrafter skills. The first event had 50 brothers in attendance and Michael Carney left as the very first Firecrafter Ultimate Mastercrafter. Since then the event has been ran including a number of different fun and frenzied events and activities. Alongside this the Golden Tepee and Silver Flame competitions were created which allowed for Firecrafters to compete with each other in a team based competition as the first pillar of our organization is Friendship after all.

Michael Carney

2005 - The Original Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

Coordinator: John Pinkus
Advisor: Walter Sullivan

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Michael Carney
Mastercrafter of the Legends - Justin 'Sox' Scott
Back in My Daycrafter - Paul Quinn
Experiencedcrafter - Lucas Robinson
Toddlercrafter - Nick McLarnan
Babycrafter - Justin Beall

Nathan Butler

2006 - The 2nd Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

Coordinator: Michael Carney
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Nathan Butler
Alumni Mastercrafter - Walter Sullivan
Experiencedcrafter - Ben Rowe
Babycrafter - Jacob Scherb

Neal Tardy

2007 - The 3rd Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Quest for the Golden Teepee"

Coordinator: Todd Wildey
Advisors: Luke Gobel and John Pinkus

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Neal Tardy
Da Alumnus Mastercrafter - Justin 'Sox' Scott
Not Quite So Youngin Mastercrafter - Steven Hightshue
Youngin Mastercrafter - Andrew Alden
Golden Teepee - Nim Tanteyunk (Neal Tardy, Steven Hightshue, Chris Myers, Justin 'Sox' Scott)

Leonard Richardson

2008 - The 4th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Spark of the Silver Flame"

Coordinator: Chris Brewer
Advisor: John Pinkus

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Leonard Richardson
Alumni Mastercrafter - Lucas Robinson
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Cory Donovan
Middle Aged Youth Mastercrafter - Darrian Petruzzi
Youngin Mastercrafter - Juan Orta
Masterwoodsman - Grant Stewart
Mastercamper - Jacob Hoogenboom
Future Mastercrafter - Luke Swinford
Golden Teepee - Nim Tanteyunk (Neal Tardy, Abe Underhill, Michael Kistner, David Joest, Nathan Butler)
Silver Flame - Mini 301 (Troop 301, Hou Koda)
Golden Fireshirt - East Flame (Abe Underhill with Coach Justin 'Sox' Scott)

Tyler Andrews

2009 - The 5th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "When Flames Collide"

Coordinator: Evan Bobo
Advisor: John Pinkus
Associate Advisor: Lucas Robinson

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Tyler Andrews
Alumni Mastercrafter - Walter Sullivan
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Chas Busenburg
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Cody Donahue
Masterwoodsman - Kyle Lees
Mastercamper - Drew Crum
Future Mastercrafter - Sean Kelley
Golden Teepee - TMNF (Luke Gobel, Ryan Suiters, Joe Reilly, Darrian Petruzzi, and Chris Brewer)
Silver Flame - Silver Foxes (Troop 304, Hou Koda)
Golden Fireshirt - West Flame (Pat Klug with Coach Nathan Butler)

Evan Bobo

2010 - The 6th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Great Flame Race"

Coordinator: Daniel Goldberg
Asst. Coordinator: Johnny Bretz
Advisor: Tom Dunlap
Associate Advisor: James Martin

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Evan Bobo
Super Alumni Mastercrafter - Dave Ebert
Alumni Mastercrafter - Chas Busenburg
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Joseph Railey
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Cody Donahue
Master Babycrafter - John Lawless
Masterwoodsman - Donny Baskerville
Mastercamper - Corbin Long
Future Mastercrafter - Carson Wright
Golden Teepee - Nim Tanteyunk Kretenburg (Cody Donahue, Jake Grubbs, Pat Klug, Lucas McNabb)
Silver Flame - Jykers (Troop 203, Iron Horse)
Golden Fireshirt - Central Flame (Chris Brewer)

Joey Dierdorf

2011 - The 7th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Flight of the Fire Disc"

Coordinator: Daniel Goldberg
Advisor: Bruce Butler

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Joey Dierdorf
Alumni Mastercrafter - Dave Ebert
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Drew Swinford
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Cody Donahue
Master Babycrafter - Spencer Martin
Masterwoodsman - Chad Kempton
Mastercamper - Alex Spanenberg
Future Mastercrafter - Kaleb Barnet
Golden Teepee - TMNF (Luke Gobel, Conner Dickerson, Ryan Suiters, Kevin Fox, and Chris Brewer)
Silver Flame - Jykers (Troop 203, Iron Horse)
Golden Fireshirt - West Flame (Steven Albert)
Ultimate Fire Disc - Nim Tanteyunk Old School (Steven Albert, Cody Donahue, Justin 'Sox' Scott, Nathan Butler, Austin Shepherd, Ryan Kelleher, Garhett Cook, Nelson Roetter)

Chris Johnson

2012 - The 8th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Ocho"

Coordinator: Colin Schlick and Cody Donahue
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Chris Johnson
Alumni Mastercrafter - John Pinkus
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Daniel Goldberg
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Bryant Ebert
Master Babycrafter - Joshua Baker
Golden Teepee - The Foreigners (Daniel Goldberg, Colin Combes, Chris Kelly, Adam Hemmelgarn, Chris Johnson)
Silver Flame - Goofy Goobers

James Brandon

2013 - The 9th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Fellowship of the Fire"

Coordinator: Jason Rowe
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - James Brandon
Alumni Mastercrafter - Justin 'Sox' Scott
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Daniel Guard
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Michael Frye
Master Babycrafter - Thomas Carroll
Golden Teepee - Gorilla Zilla (Chad Kempton, Sam Lovold, Ben Frank, Joshua Baker, Spencer Martin)
Silver Flame - Pelicans (Troop 343, North Star)

Jonathon Brandon

2014 - The 10th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

Coordinator: Ryan Suiters and Matthew Long
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Jonathon Brandon
Alumni Mastercrafter - Matt Rosenfeld
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Logan Tardy
Not So Young Mastercrafter - James Brandon
Master Babycrafter - Alex Spanenberg
Golden Teepee - Team TBD (Jonathon Brandon, Noah Underhill, Ben Gormley, Ben Spanenberg, Aaron Waters, Thomas Richardson)
Silver Flame - Troop 293, Ironhorse

Trent Rice

2015 - The 11th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "Survive the Fire"

Coordinator: James Colter
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Trent Rice
Alumni Mastercrafter - Brent Brandon
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Logan Tardy
Not So Young Mastercrafter - James Brandon
Master Babycrafter - Joseph Carper
Golden Teepee - Rusty Barrels (Jackson Andry, Thaddaeus Broussard, Justin Sherwin, and Kevin Turner)
Silver Flame - Troop 293, Ironhorse

Simon DeCapua

2016 - The 12th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

Coordinator: Drew Eldon
Advisor: Daniel Goldberg

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Simon DeCapua
Alumni Mastercrafter - Cody Donahue
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Corbin Long
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Kevin Turner
Master Babycrafter - Matt Hustel
Golden Teepee -  "Better Than You" (Jack Allen, Daniel Fitzgerald, Robert Duncan, Corbin Long, Matt Rosenfeld)
Silver Flame - Troop 183, Del-Mi

Matt Hustel

2017 - The 13th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "Battle of the Flames"

Coordinator: Corbin Long
Asst. Coordinator: Ben Smith

Advisor: Daniel Goldberg

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Matt Hustel
Alumni Mastercrafter - Gary Duncan
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Andrew Creech
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Bryce Castle
Master Babycrafter - Robert Duncan
Masterwoodsman - Connor Barcos
Mastercamper - Tristian Martin

Golden Teepee -  "Team 1" (Joseph Duncan, Zach Yates, Mason Purdy, Rob Wilken)
Silver Flame - Mighty M
Golden Fireball - Central Flame

2018 - The Fall Frenzy That Wasnt

Due to the reschedule of the experimental Fall Ritual due to flooding at Camp Redwing, a very limited set of competitions was held during the ritual for those available.

Sam Lovold

Paw Patrol


Coordinator: Ryan Wainscott

Asst. Mastercrafter Coordinator: Don Current III

Asst. Group Competition Coordinator: Allison Cunningham

Adviser: Daniel Goldberg

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Sam Lovold

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Allison Cunningham

Not So Young Mastercrafter - Nathan Felix

The Youngin' Mastercrafter - Zach May

Alumni Mastercrafter - Marcus Turner

Golden Teepee - Paw Patrol (Dalton Waldman, Ronald Parsons, Zach May, Brad Bishop, Erik Cox)

Silver Flame - Bananas 2.0

Zane Byram

Lazer Vipers

2020 - The 15th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy - "Mastercrafter of the Century"

Coordinator: Alex Buxton

Asst. Coordinator: Robert Duncan

Advisors: Daniel Goldberg and Allison Cunningham

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Zane Byram

Alumni Mastercrafter - Erik Cox

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Ryan Wainscott

Not So Young Mastercrafter - Alex Rushinsky

Golden Teepee - Lazer Viperz

Silver Flame - 2 Leaf Clover

Trae Hunt 

2021 - The 16th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy - "Stories of the Beginning" 

Coordinators: Christopher Johns and Joseph Duncan 

Advisor: Allison Cunningham 

Ultimate Mastercrafter: Trae Hunt 

Alumni Mastercrafter: Brad Duncan 

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter: Noah Mosier 

Not So Young Mastercrafter: Luke Hollinden 

Youngin' Mastercrafter: Trent Peterson 

Golden Teepee: Pyromaniacs 

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Gideon Zawadzki

Racoon Platoon

2022 - The 17th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy - "The Quest of the Maritime Masters"

Coordinators: Braelen Price and Isaac Thomas

Advisor: Corbin Young

Ultimate Mastercrafter: Gideon Zawadzki

Alumni Mastercrafter: Brad Duncan

Master Babycrafter: Carson Thompson

Not So Young Mastercrafter: David Ives

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter: Ronnie Parsons

Master Camper: Austin Prats

Master Woodsman: Alex Matthews

Silver Flame: Lightning Bears; Francesca Zawadski, Aramis Zawadzki, and Ella Cox

Golden Teepee: Racoon Platoon; Emma Szalkie, Lina Turner, Bryce Callis, Trent Yoder, Tori Yoder

Justin Pemberton

It's Saul Goodman

2023 - The 18th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy - "Better Call Faul Frenzy"

Coordinators: Wyatt Ott and Brandon Young

Advisor: Sarah Covey

Ultimate Mastercrafter: Justin Pemberton

Alumni Mastercrafter: Brad Duncan

Master Babycrafter: Jenna Barratt

Not So Young Mastercrafter: Theo Pell

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter: Lucas Jones

Master Camper: Mackenzi Fleck

Master Woodsman: Zach Piontek

Silver Flame: Gummy Bears

Golden Teepee: It's Saul Goodman; Ronnie Parsons, Zach Bishop, Gideon Zawadski, Theo Pell, and Braelen Price

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