History of Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

In 2005, under the youth leadership of John Pinkus and advisor Walter Sullivan, Firecrafter introduced a fall event called Firecrafter Fall Frenzy. The event was created to give Firecrafters a chance to test their Scouting and Firecrafter skills. The first event had 50 brothers in attendance and Michael Carney left as the very first Firecrafter Ultimate Mastercrafter.

Michael Carney

2005 - The Original Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

Coordinator: John Pinkus
Advisor: Walter Sullivan

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Michael Carney
Mastercrafter of the Legends - Justin 'Sox' Scott
Back in My Daycrafter - Paul Quinn
Experiencedcrafter - Lucas Robinson
Toddlercrafter - Nick McLarnan
Babycrafter - Justin Beall

Nathan Butler

2006 - The 2nd Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

Coordinator: Michael Carney
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Nathan Butler
Alumni Mastercrafter - Walter Sullivan
Experiencedcrafter - Ben Rowe
Babycrafter - Jacob Scherb

Neal Tardy

2007 - The 3rd Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Quest for the Golden Teepee"

Coordinator: Todd Wildey
Advisors: Luke Gobel and John Pinkus

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Neal Tardy
Da Alumnus Mastercrafter - Justin 'Sox' Scott
Not Quite So Youngin Mastercrafter - Steven Hightshue
Youngin Mastercrafter - Andrew Alden
Golden Teepee - Nim Tanteyunk (Neal Tardy, Steven Hightshue, Chris Myers, Justin 'Sox' Scott)

Leonard Richardson

2008 - The 4th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Spark of the Silver Flame"

Coordinator: Chris Brewer
Advisor: John Pinkus

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Leonard Richardson
Alumni Mastercrafter - Lucas Robinson
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Cory Donovan
Middle Aged Youth Mastercrafter - Darrian Petruzzi
Youngin Mastercrafter - Juan Orta
Masterwoodsman - Grant Stewart
Mastercamper - Jacob Hoogenboom
Future Mastercrafter - Luke Swinford
Golden Teepee - Nim Tanteyunk (Neal Tardy, Abe Underhill, Michael Kistner, David Joest, Nathan Butler)
Silver Flame - Mini 301 (Troop 301, Hou Koda)
Golden Fireshirt - East Flame (Abe Underhill with Coach Justin 'Sox' Scott)

Tyler Andrews

2009 - The 5th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "When Flames Collide"

Coordinator: Evan Bobo
Advisor: John Pinkus
Associate Advisor: Lucas Robinson

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Tyler Andrews
Alumni Mastercrafter - Walter Sullivan
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Chas Busenburg
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Cody Donahue
Masterwoodsman - Kyle Lees
Mastercamper - Drew Crum
Future Mastercrafter - Sean Kelley
Golden Teepee - TMNF (Luke Gobel, Ryan Suiters, Joe Reilly, Darrian Petruzzi, and Chris Brewer)
Silver Flame - Silver Foxes (Troop 304, Hou Koda)
Golden Fireshirt - West Flame (Pat Klug with Coach Nathan Butler)

Evan Bobo

2010 - The 6th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Great Flame Race"

Coordinator: Daniel Goldberg
Asst. Coordinator: Johnny Bretz
Advisor: Tom Dunlap
Associate Advisor: James Martin

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Evan Bobo
Super Alumni Mastercrafter - Dave Ebert
Alumni Mastercrafter - Chas Busenburg
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Joseph Railey
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Cody Donahue
Master Babycrafter - John Lawless
Masterwoodsman - Donny Baskerville
Mastercamper - Corbin Long
Future Mastercrafter - Carson Wright
Golden Teepee - Nim Tanteyunk Kretenburg (Cody Donahue, Jake Grubbs, Pat Klug, Lucas McNabb)
Silver Flame - Jykers (Troop 203, Iron Horse)
Golden Fireshirt - Central Flame (Chris Brewer)

Joey Dierdorf

2011 - The 7th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Flight of the Fire Disc"

Coordinator: Daniel Goldberg
Advisor: Bruce Butler

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Joey Dierdorf
Alumni Mastercrafter - Dave Ebert
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Drew Swinford
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Cody Donahue
Master Babycrafter - Spencer Martin
Masterwoodsman - Chad Kempton
Mastercamper - Alex Spanenberg
Future Mastercrafter - Kaleb Barnet
Golden Teepee - TMNF (Luke Gobel, Conner Dickerson, Ryan Suiters, Kevin Fox, and Chris Brewer)
Silver Flame - Jykers (Troop 203, Iron Horse)
Golden Fireshirt - West Flame (Steven Albert)
Ultimate Fire Disc - Nim Tanteyunk Old School (Steven Albert, Cody Donahue, Justin 'Sox' Scott, Nathan Butler, Austin Shepherd, Ryan Kelleher, Garhett Cook, Nelson Roetter)

Chris Johnson

2012 - The 8th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Ocho"

Coordinator: Colin Schlick and Cody Donahue
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Chris Johnson
Alumni Mastercrafter - John Pinkus
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Daniel Goldberg
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Bryant Ebert
Master Babycrafter - Joshua Baker
Golden Teepee - The Foreigners (Daniel Goldberg, Colin Combes, Chris Kelly, Adam Hemmelgarn, Chris Johnson)
Silver Flame - Goofy Goobers

James Brandon

2013 - The 9th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "The Fellowship of the Fire"

Coordinator: Jason Rowe
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - James Brandon
Alumni Mastercrafter - Justin 'Sox' Scott
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Daniel Guard
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Michael Frye
Master Babycrafter - Thomas Carroll
Golden Teepee - Gorilla Zilla (Chad Kempton, Sam Lovold, Ben Frank, Joshua Baker, Spencer Martin)
Silver Flame - Pelicans (Troop 343, North Star)

Jonathon Brandon

2014 - The 10th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

Coordinator: Ryan Suiters and Matthew Long
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Jonathon Brandon
Alumni Mastercrafter - Matt Rosenfeld
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Logan Tardy
Not So Young Mastercrafter - James Brandon
Master Babycrafter - Alex Spanenberg
Golden Teepee - Team TBD (Jonathon Brandon, Noah Underhill, Ben Gormley, Ben Spanenberg, Aaron Waters, Thomas Richardson)
Silver Flame - Troop 293, Ironhorse

Trent Rice

2015 - The 11th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "Survive the Fire"

Coordinator: James Colter
Advisor: Luke Gobel

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Trent Rice
Alumni Mastercrafter - Brent Brandon
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Logan Tardy
Not So Young Mastercrafter - James Brandon
Master Babycrafter - Joseph Carper
Golden Teepee - Rusty Barrels (Jackson Andry, Thaddaeus Broussard, Justin Sherwin, and Kevin Turner)
Silver Flame - Troop 293, Ironhorse

Simon DeCapua

2016 - The 12th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

Coordinator: Drew Eldon
Advisor: Daniel Goldberg

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Simon DeCapua
Alumni Mastercrafter - Cody Donahue
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Corbin Long
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Kevin Turner
Master Babycrafter - Matt Hustel
Golden Teepee -  "Better Than You" (Jack Allen, Daniel Fitzgerald, Robert Duncan, Corbin Long, Matt Rosenfeld)
Silver Flame - Troop 183, Del-Mi

Matt Hustel

2017 - The 13th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy "Battle of the Flames"

Coordinator: Corbin Long
Asst. Coordinator: Ben Smith

Advisor: Daniel Goldberg

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Matt Hustel
Alumni Mastercrafter - Gary Duncan
Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Andrew Creech
Not So Young Mastercrafter - Bryce Castle
Master Babycrafter - Robert Duncan
Masterwoodsman - Connor Barcos
Mastercamper - Tristian Martin

Golden Teepee -  "Team 1" (Joseph Duncan, Zach Yates, Mason Purdy, Rob Wilken)
Silver Flame - Mighty M
Golden Fireball - Central Flame

2018 - The Fall Frenzy That Wasnt

Due to the reschedule of the experimental Fall Ritual due to flooding at Camp Redwing, a very limited set of competitions was held during the ritual for those available.

Sam Lovold

Paw Patrol


Coordinator: Ryan Wainscott

Asst. Mastercrafter Coordinator: Don Current III

Asst. Group Competition Coordinator: Allison Cunningham

Adviser: Daniel Goldberg

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Sam Lovold

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Allison Cunningham

Not So Young Mastercrafter - Nathan Felix

The Youngin' Mastercrafter - Zach May

Alumni Mastercrafter - Marcus Turner

Golden Teepee - Paw Patrol (Dalton Waldman, Ronald Parsons, Zach May, Brad Bishop, Erik Cox)

Silver Flame - Bananas 2.0

Zane Byram

Lazer Vipers

2020 - The 15th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy - "Mastercrafter of the Century"

Coordinator: Alex Buxton

Asst. Coordinator: Robert Duncan

Advisors: Daniel Goldberg and Allison Cunningham

Ultimate Mastercrafter - Zane Byram

Alumni Mastercrafter - Erik Cox

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter - Ryan Wainscott

Not So Young Mastercrafter - Alex Rushinsky

Golden Teepee - Lazer Viperz

Silver Flame - 2 Leaf Clover

Trae Hunt 

2021 - The 16th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy - "Stories of the Beginning" 

Coordinators: Christopher Johns and Joseph Duncan 

Advisor: Allison Cunningham 

Ultimate Mastercrafter: Trae Hunt 

Alumni Mastercrafter: Brad Duncan 

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter: Noah Mosier 

Not So Young Mastercrafter: Luke Hollinden 

Youngin' Mastercrafter: Trent Peterson 

Golden Teepee: Pyromaniacs 

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Gideon Zawadzki

Racoon Platoon

2022 - The 17th Firecrafter Fall Frenzy - "The Quest of the Maritime Masters"

Coordinators: Braelen Price and Isaac Thomas

Advisor: Corbin Young

Ultimate Mastercrafter: Gideon Zawadzki

Alumni Mastercrafter: Brad Duncan

Master Babycrafter: Carson Thompson

Not So Young Mastercrafter: David Ives

Ancient Youth Mastercrafter: Ronnie Parsons

Master Camper: Austin Prats

Master Woodsman: Alex Matthews

Silver Flame: Lightning Bears; Francesca Zawadski, Aramis Zawadzki, and Ella Cox

Golden Teepee: Racoon Platoon; Emma Szalkie, Lina Turner, Bryce Callis, Trent Yoder, Tori Yoder

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