The Webelos Firelight rank is earned by second year Webelos and can be earned at Cub Scout Day Camp or Webelos Adventure Camp.  The badge can only be earned at summer camp and not throughout the year.

Rank Requirements

  1. Understand and demonstrate the high ideals of Firecrafter.
  2. Learn the leadership skills necessary to be a Firecrafter.
  3. Understand the Requirements for the rank of Camper.
  4. Make a useful camp gadget using a clove hitch, two-half hitches, and a bowline.
  5. Meet someone new outside of your pack (with Guardian approval)
  6. Learn 2 ways to light a fire and explain how to light it.
  7.  Participate in the Spark of Interest Trail.

Firecrafter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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