My child does not have an email address.  Can I use mine?

Each Firecrafter member must have/use a unique email address in the database.  However, we understand that parents may not be comfortable with their child having an email address.  If the parent is not a member and has only one scout, the scout can use the parent's email address.  If the parent is a member and/or has multiple Youth members, this is problematic.  We have solved this problem by creating a placeholder email address that can be used for login and registration, but not communication.  For recent initiates, the system has been updated so that any youth member without a unique email address now has a username of, where that represents first name, last name, and year of initiation.  To be clear, this is not a real email address, but will be used in the multiple registration process.  When the scout is ready to update his/her email address, please contact the and

Each member also has an alternate address, which is used as a Copy To for all communication.  This is an ideal place to include the parent's email address.

My child completed Firecrafter requirements at summer camp.  Do they need to apply for membership?

No, initial membership is included with Ritual Candidate Registration.  Membership is not required for Candidate registration.

My child did not receive a candidate letter when he/she completed Firecrafter requirements at camp, or the letter was lost.  Where can I get a copy?

The sample candidate letter is on the Ritual page here.

I am a member, but I cannot sign in to register.  Help!

Your email address is your username, so the most likely cause is that we have a missing or invalid email address.  Please email (over 21)  or (under 21) to have your address added or corrected.

What is the difference between Youth and Alumni membership?

A Firecrafter is a Youth member until turning 21, at which point he/she becomes an Alumni member.

What is the difference between Youth and Alumni membership?

A Firecrafter is a Youth member until turning 21, at which point he/she becomes an Alumni member.

How much are Firecrafter dues?  Who must pay dues?

Alumni members (over 21) are required to pay dues.  Alumni may pay Annual or Life dues.  If Annual dues are allowed to lapse, the alumni must pay two years of dues to reinstate.  Current dues rates are $10 for Annual and $100 for Life.

   What are the requirements for participating in Firecrafter Events with the updates to the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting (September 1, 2023)?

    Registration with the BSA is required for participation in Firecrafter events, specifically camping overnight and having any contact with youth (necessary to guide candidates).  Please pass the word to your friends/family who might wish to attend the ritual or other weekend events.  They will need to register in advance and have their BSA application fully processed and approved (which includes background check and youth protection training) before arriving at the ritual.  Going to My.Scouting.Org is the best way to verify you are registered or to become registered.

How can I register multiple people for events?

Public events, which are open to non-Firecrafters, may offer a guest option for registering non-members.  Members should not register as a guest because we want to track member participation.  To register multiple members at the same time, please sign in and register yourself, then select "New Registration" and provide the username of the member you wish to register.  You can repeat this process until you have registered everyone for whom you are responsible and then make a single payment transaction.  To look up the username for someone, sign in and use the Member Directory.

My information in my profile/the directory is incorrect. How do I fix it?

After you log in, return to the Login page and select View Profile, then Edit Profile, and you can update your contact information as necessary.  Under group participation you should select your Ember. 

Am I free to come and go from events?

Participants under 18 are generally expected to come and stay through the event unless prior arrangements have been made.  All participants should check in/out with registration.  If not purchasing food from the event, please be sure to bring food with you.

I have special dietary needs.  What should I do?

Please make sure to communicate your needs when registering.  The cook crews will do their best to accommodate special dietary needs.  Participants other than ritual candidates are also welcome to bring and prepare their own food.

What should I wear to Firecrafter events?

The Firecrafter uniform consists of Fire shirt, undershirt, and scout shorts with accessories.  Firecrafters should wear this uniform to events.  Depending upon the activities, a Firecrafter may wish to bring an activity/work shirt as well.  Firecrafters who have lost or outgrown the uniform may purchase replacements at the trading post.  Order ahead is available!

Non-members should bring BSA field uniform and one or more activity uniforms.

Do I need to bring a tent?

Yes, unless you have specifically made other arrangements.

Can my (non-member) parents come and see the Ritual?

Firecrafter upholds the BSA principal that there are no secrets in Scouting, and therefore, parents are welcome.  Careful consideration should be given to the impact on future membership of registered adults.  Firecrafter does reserve the right to request proof of Youth Protection Training for the safety of all participants and see above that they will need to be BSA Registered given the updates to the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting (September 1, 2023).

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