Francis O. Belzer

History of Firecrafter Advisors

From 1920-1953, Firecrafter did not have an Advisor.  The program was directly advised by the Council Scout Executive. Francis O. Belzer served in the position until 1939.  He was followed by Homer T. Gratz, Delmar H. Wilson, and Frank Chase.  Under the leadership of Frank Chase, the first Firecrafter Advisor was appointed in 1953. The Firecrafter Advisor position oversees the operations of the Firecrafter Organization. The Advisor is appointed annually by the Council's Scout Executive.

Joe Harshman 1953-1973

David Joe Krentler 1974-1981

Steven Holt 1982-1986

Andrew Wilkinson 1987-1989

David Williams 1990-1992

Michael St. Pierre 1993-1996

Jeff Osterman 1997-1998

H. Kennard Bennett 1999-2002

Kenneth G. Reinhardt 2002-2004

Matthew Prine 2005-2009

Justin "Sox" Scott 2010-2021

Ryan Kelleher 2022-Present

Firecrafter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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