Section 11: Uniform

A Firecrafter is not in uniform if they are not in complete uniform.  The uniform for a Firecrafter is a white T-shirt (without other colors on it), a Firecrafter shirt with the chest patch, Scout pants or shorts, Scout belt, and Scout Socks.  Nameplates can be worn over the chest patch on the Firecrafter T-shirt.  A Firecrafter should be in this uniform at all campfires, Fire activities, and other times as prescribed by the Fire Chief.  While in Scout uniform, the 3-inch patch may be hung off of the right chest pocket button.  At no time shall a Firecrafter trade, sell, or give any Firecrafter patch or badge to a non-Firecrafter.

Firecrafter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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