Section 13: Candidate Record Keeping

One of the most important jobs of the Fire is to keep records of which campers completed which ranks.  This job can usually be done in one sitting.  One of the Fire Officers, preferably the Vice-chief, should sit in the trading post on Saturday morning to collect completed cards and advancement summary sheets. (This will vary depending on specific camp check-out procedures) If a troop has any completed cards to turn in, they must fill out an advancement summary sheet to record all the Firecrafter rank advancement in their troop for that week.  The procedure for Saturday morning is as follows:

  1. Collect candidate cards and advancement summary sheets
  2.  Dispense wallet cards to the Unit Leader (Firecrafter candidates will not get pocket cards at this time)
  3. Inform the Unit Leader that patches are for sale at the trading post. (Firecrafter candidates will not get patches at this time)
  4. Give the Unit Leader a ritual invitation for each of their Firecrafter candidates who completed a card. (The Unit Leader is to make sure to give the invitations to the candidates.) A copy of the letter will be posted online.
  5. Gather all collected cards and sheets and create a simple excel document that includes the following:
  • Scout's First and Last Name
  • Scout's Unit Number
  • Scout's District
  • Scout's Council (if not in CAC)
  • Rank(s) that Scout earned that week in camp

Ransburg 2014: Week 1
First            Last             Troop           District           WC       FL        C       W      F
John           Scout            111             Northstar                                 X       X

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