The Camper rank is earned by typically first year Scouts, but can be earned by any Scout under the age of 21.  The rank can be earned at any long-term Scouts BSA Summer Camp.


1. Understand and demonstrate the principles and high standards of Firecrafter in personal attitude and example, showing respect for your fellow campers and your environment.

2. Repeat from memory the Scout Oath, Law, Motto and Slogan. Be able to give the Scout Sign, Salute, and Handshake. Tell the meaning of each in your own words.

3. Tell how Scouting began and how it came to America.

4. Hiking

   A. Tell what to do to take a safe hike.

   B. Plan and take a hike in the field demonstrating proper methods and courtesies.

5. Demonstrate how to create a flame using one of the following methods: 

   1) magnifying glass 

   2) Flint and Steel 

   3) Steel wool and a battery.

6. Compass

   A. Explain how a compass works. 

   B. Give eight (8) principal points and their degree readings. 

   C. In the field, follow a route through three different degree readings.

7. Using a topographic map, demonstrate your knowledge of (10) common map symbols—including contour lines.

8. Demonstrate at least one way to find your way by the stars.

9. Whip the end of a rope. Tie and explain the uses of the square knot, bowline, clove, and taut-line hitch.

10. Demonstrate the proper handling, use, and care of a pocket knife.

11. Do one hour of service above what is normally expected.

12. Read the requirements for the rank of Woodsman.

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